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If you're reading this, means you spent precious time searching this huge area
called Internet, looking for a rental motorcycle or a motorbike holiday, we really
value your time and effort, this is why we don't want to disappoint and invite
you to contact us with all your desires. You are in the right spot!

FTH motors runs, unique motorcycle tours in Europe

2015 season's highlights are:

For 2015 tour dates, check our Touring Calendar

Budapest to
Transylvania tour,
get our best ever.
Lowest rental rates in the area (more info)
We have simple, robust, comfortable and reliable models, just what you need for South-
Eastern Europe
Have motorcycle rental stations Transylvania in Hungary, Budapest
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rental motorcycle Romania
FTH Motors - Motorcycle Rental & Tours
FTH motor's rental service, is the fastest and easiest way to get a rental motorcycle in SE
Europe. If you want to ride Hungary or Transylvania, Romania or Bulgaria, the Balkans or Turkey,
just fly in and get one of our rental BMW or Yamaha motorbikes.

Budapest - Istanbul
Motorcycle Tour
with a more exciting
& extended itinerary

Traditional, close to
the locals
Budapest motorcycle rental
with more bikes
this season!